If you have an e-mail and you enable forwarding for it, all incoming emails will be sent to a third-party mailbox of your choice. The email sender will not be aware of this and he will be sending the e-mail only to the original address. This feature is useful if you have several sites, each with a unique e-mail address for contact, for example. By forwarding all messages to one particular email, it will be easier for you to monitor and not neglect an e-mail message because you have neglected to check a specific email. For those who run a business, you’ll be able to employ this feature to check the emails received by different departments. An additional advantage is that you can make use of an official e-mail address for various needs, let’s say admin@your-domain.com, and you can now get all e-mails sent to it inside your private email address. In addition, you can forward email messages from a single email to multiple ones, in case a number of individuals should be involved in the email conversation.

E-mail Forwarding in Cloud Web Hosting

You'll be able to forward any email address hosted on our servers to another one or more third-party addresses effortlessly if you've got a cloud web hosting package with us. The option can be enabled and disabled in the Emails section of the Hepsia Control Panel at any moment and you'll be able to see a summary of all emails where your messages will be sent to. You will also have the choice to leave a copy of the incoming messages on our server and have a backup if you remove anything from the remote email address. This option can be rather beneficial if there's a brief problem with the other mailbox. As long as it really is activated so we keep a copy of all your email messages being relayed through our system, you'll not risk losing messages.