The best website loading speeds you can find in the United States of America, Canada or Latin America

The website loading speed is without a doubt a fundamental factor for the online progress, and we provide you with the chance for hosting your web sites within one of the best–connected data centers in the U.S.A.. The Colohouse data center is located in downtown Chicago and provides full power redundancy and wonderful network conditions. This way, you’ll be able to warrant the best site loading speed for your site visitors in the US, Canada and Latin America. What’s more, this data center is used by a few of the main telecommunications companies in the United States.

With our US datacenter, it is possible to host any site you’d like – from personal pages and blogs to huge online business web sites and high–traffic web–stores. Based on your unique needs, you’ll be able to select from a selection of Linux cloud web hosting deals, which are secured by a 99.9% uptime guarantee plus a 24x7 customer support service. You can select the US datacenter on our sign up form.

Other US Hosting Services

Within our US datacenter there is also a lot more than simply Linux cloud web hosting. For anyone who requires a very powerful US–based hosting solution, we’ve got Linux VPS hosting, Linux semi-dedicated hosting and Linux dedicated web hosting. No matter which US hosting service you pick, you can reap the rewards of a 99.9% network uptime guarantee in addition to a 24/7 technical support service.

Our, the USA Located Linux Dedicated Hosting Servers are definitely the go–to service when you’ve got a resource–demanding website.