FrontPage Extensions are a set of system files and folders needed by websites made with Microsoft FrontPage in order to perform correctly. Without them, you could still use the application to build sites and upload your content on the web server, however the websites will have limited features, thus the user experience won't be the same. An additional advantage of using a hosting service with FrontPage Extensions available is the fact that you'll be able to publish your pages directly on the server without using any third-party software as long as you enter your account FTP details in FrontPage. This attribute will make it very easy to start and maintain your web presence even if you lack any previous knowledge, as you'll be able to update the site later on just as fast.

FrontPage Extensions in Cloud Web Hosting

We support FrontPage Extensions with each and every cloud web hosting plan that we offer and unlike the majority of hosting companies these days, we won't discontinue this particularfeature, so it will be up to you whether you'll create and maintain your online presence by using FrontPage or another web design software. In fact, in case you're moving your existing site to our servers, it's likely that you have invested money, time and efforts and we would not want that to go in vain. You can activate FrontPage Extensions independently for every single domain or subdomain through the Hepsia Control Panel, which means that it won't be a problem to have the main site made with FrontPage and employ some script application in a subdomain for a forum, for instance - they will not conflict in any respect. When you decide that you would like to move to another platform, you are able to deactivate FrontPage Extensions with only a few clicks.